Shinobi-Iri (忍び入り)

Shinobi-Iri is stealth and entering training techniques of ninjutsu. This training consists of learning silent movements and attaining access to fortified areas. The ninja was known for being mysterious and performed many exploits that were uncommon to most people during the time of Feudal Japan. “Nin” means “Spirit” and “Ja” means “Warrior”. The spirit warrior utilizes 40% physical energy and 60% mental energy. The 60% mental energy usage is the most important part of training. A ninja will merge mental energy into anything he or she touches, thus making that object part of them. Becoming one with objects all them and using them to accomplish a specific goal.

Shinobi-Iri teaches a ninja how to walk and run in a way blends with the natural sounds of the environment. In addition to blending with the natural shadows during daylight, night, deserts, forests, and snow. When a person realized a ninja entered a locked room or building, they were believed to have been able to “walk through walls”. Since this is physically impossible, what the ninja genuinely did, was pick the lock to enter the building. In the video below, Dr. David Jackson-5th Degree Black Belt demonstrates how to pick a Master pad lock using simple lock picks.

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