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The Aiki-Karate E-Book Series: Economical Weapons of Defense (EWD) profoundly illustrates the classical saying… “Everything can be used as a weapon.” For years people have heard of this saying, but no one has ever provided a combination of knowledge from a Doctorate in Business Administration, 43 years of Martial Arts Training, e-book technology, and instructional videos to describe and demonstrate how to perform these techniques successfully until now.

EWD teaches you that everything you come into contact with becomes a part of your being and can be used as a weapon. EWD are objects that do not appear to look like actual weapons and they are also very practical weapons, because they serve more than one function other than their original purpose. Another benefit of EWD is that people do not have to spend more money for defensive weapons, because they are also using common everyday items. This multi-purpose functionality creates the economical component of EWD.

Enhance your repertoire self-defense and stop people violating you and your family, by utilizing the simple yet extremely powerful techniques of Aiki-Karate’s E-Book Series: Economical Weapons of Defense.